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Sep 21, 2011 5:00pm PDT
to watch that case. >>> the president today delivered a strong measured address to the united nations general assembly about the intrans-genes je intransgency. the president declared palestinians must first make peace with israel before statehood is a possibility and reiterated his position that the u.s. will oppose the effort by the palestinian authority to seek u.n. recognition of a palestinian state. >> peace is hard work. peace will not come through statements and resolutions at the united nations. if it were that easy, it would have been accomplished by now. ultimately, it is the israelis and the palestinians who must live side by side. ultimately it is the israelis and palestinians, not us, who must reach agreement on issues that divide them. >> here's how the prime minister of israel scored president obama's handling of the attempt to secure u.n. sanction statehood. >> i think that standing your ground, taking this position of principle, which is also i think is the right way to achieve peace, i think this is a badge of honor. and i want to thank you for wearing that badge of honor and also i express
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)